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It's always darkest before the Dawn

Harry Potter RPG
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This is a Post Half-Blood Prince RPG. This was orignally an idea for my Slytherin /Gryffindor community. This story was going to be a round robin fan fic but it developed into so much more.

This is AU and starts after HBP.Beware HPB spoilers! It's cannon up to book 6 expecpt for the Slytherin characters, they are open to interpretation. It is building up to Gryffindor/Sltyherin pairings
If you don't like it, don't join. Sorry.


1) Please fill out the following application and email it to aimee.hutto@gmail.com


2)Lj Name:

3)What character are you requesting?

4)What makes you the best person for this character?

5)Your Favroite Harry Potter Book and why?:

6)Your Favorite Harry Potter movie and why?:

7)Your Favorite character?:

8)Your least Favorite character and why?:

9)Which house do you think you would be in and why?:

10)What is your ship, is applicable?:

2) Once you are approved, join the community?

3)You must post at least 3 times a week and comment to all post that address you directly.

4)You may play up up to 4 characters.

5) You may not play both sides of a ship.

6)No major plot changes without letting me know ie killing any main charcter off etc...

7)Make all post friends only.

Takne Characters
(** means this character is being played by me (or another player) temperarily and is still open to be taken)

1)**Harry Potter- mymomseyes
2)Hermione Granger- hjgranger_1979
3)** Ronald Weasley- alittlecofused
4)Ginny Weasley- color_of_fire
6)Nyphadora Tonks- iamdeadclumsy
7)Pansy Parkinson- ice_blossom
8)Blaise Zabini- indigo_eyes0o0
9)** Daphne Greengrass- in_book_five
10)Draco Malfoy- rubystarfire
11)Bellatrix Lastrange- bellablacklabel
12)Narcissa Malfoy- pedigree_wife
13)**Lucius Malfoy- papa_malfoy